Friday, February 3, 2012

Crappy + Happy Friday!

{Jacket; American Eagle, Shirt; Forever 21, Jeans; Forever21, Shoes; Old Navy}

C: My head looks freakishly large in the top photo. Hmm, weird angle. 
H: Uhh, I was having a pretty good hair day?

C: Our heater is still broken. Yes you read right, still broken after ordering parts, waiting around (two different times) for repair men who didn't come, replacing supposedly broken parts...still not working.
H: This was one of the most mild winters on record..I guess it's good timing? I hope this isn't an indicator of what our summer will be like. Meh.

H: Scramble with Friends.
C: Almost more addicting than Pinterest. Almost.

C: My hairdresser has moved to Ohio, and my time is up, a cut is unavoidable.
H: I've had a lot of time to grow my hair out, and I have real progress for the first time in years due to my stubbornness in not finding a new girl. (Hey-o, anyone ever paid attention to how awkward the word 'stubbornness' is spelled? Way too many repeat letters. Let's not forget the word 'awkward' itself..a.w.k.w? who came up with that one?)

H: Jim and I get to go to Washing D.C. in a month!!! SO STOKED! NEVER BEEN!
C: ♪Money, money, money,!♪

C: Lots 'o crap going on at work right now. Enough administrative duties to make you forget that I am in the nutrition field at all sometimes.
H: I've got a job!

C: Giving up my fancy Dutch Bros. coffee for homemade, not so awesome, Kelsey-made coffee.
H:♪Money, money, money,!♪

H: Went to a movie for the first time in a while, saw 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' per Vanessa's recommendation. Great flick! 
C: Holy moly, have I ever cried that much in my life? No, you don't get it, I am NOT a crier, especially not in a very public, very packed movie theater, but man-oh-man I could have filled up a swimming pool with my tears. The big a lap pool. Pathetic. 

I hope that all of you lovelies are having a happy Friday and remember to look on the bright side! Did any of you see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? Am I the only pathetic one, or did you all secretly have Niagara Falls expelling from your eyes and nose?

Keep it real,

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Anonymous Vanessa said...  

Awh! Glad you like that movie! I cried a lot too lol. Whatcha going to Washington for!? Missssss yew

Anonymous Suburban Sweetheart said...  

HAVE FUN IN D.C.! It's actually not a tough city to do a low-budge trip in. I lived there for three years & would be happy to give you some suggestions or answer questions or whatever as you plan your trip. keep an eye on Groupon Now deals & Living Social deals, in particular. They're AWESOME in the city, & it's a fun way to see some of the good stuff without spending as much money. Also, all the Smithsonian Museums (including the zoo!) are free.

Blogger Chanel said...  

I honestly need more jackets like this! Love that outfit

Blogger Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...  

I absolutely cried during Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close too. Such a good movie.

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