Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Roofresh - Fresh Concept

I would like to introduce you to RooFresh! RooFresh is a blog/online business concerned with fresh ideas and repurposed items. I’m so excited to start this adventure and I hope that you can follow along and see what RooFresh is all about.
I had a hard time deciding whether to keep the old blog that my husband and I started for our wedding and expand on it or to start a brand new place to represent my business. After much thought and debate I decided that I would focus on RooFresh and give it it’s own personality, but leave our old blog available for anyone who wanted to go back in time and see what we were up to before our wedding.
If you want to check out the store it’s at Roofresh.etsy.com. RooFresh also has a twitter account and a facebook page too! So take a look around and explore!

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