Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things I Do that my Husband Hates

So as many of you know, Jim and I are newlyweds and if you are married or have ever lived with someone, you'll know that their "charm" can wear off rather quickly. I have to warn you about the title of this post-Jim really does love me and he speaks highly of me, and nothing I do makes him hate me. I will say though, lately I have been doing things that I know aren't his favorite qualities of mine, but my excuse to him is that it's all part of my "charm" and that's why he loves me. :) It really is true that some people are made for each other, and I know that Jim and I are meant to be together because despite me doing some of the things that I am about to share with you, I can tell every day that he still loves me SO MUCH! 

So here it goes...not things that I am proud of, but habits I've been meaning to break...

Now like I said, I'm not proud of these things but perhaps you got a little laugh out of them, or maybe it just made you feel better about yourself (or maybe worse if you do some of these too, oops). I know that I can only let this list go on for so long and I'm sure I'll find his breaking point so I'd better cut it out soon. IT IS SO HARD THOUGH! Seriously, no coffee in the morning? I guess I'm just gonna have to choose one thing at a time and mark it off of my list.

So this was a fun post, but I think it will be the only one unless it was your absolute favorite and I have a million requests for more; I don't think my marriage will prosper if I can constantly come up with 10 things I do that drive my hubby crazy. Even still, let me know if you could relate, or if there are other things that you think are funny that you do. I would love to hear how dysfunctional other people are, then maybe I won't feel as guilty. :)

Keep it real,


ps. If you couldn't tell, Jim and I carpool daily.

Blogger Gina said...  

Let me just tell you how much I can relate to this list!! In my defense there is a list I can come up with as well of things he does that drive ME crazy! I have the HARDEST time getting up in the morning and he has no simpathy for me!! It has gotten a little bit better since I became a mom a year ago (no choice, there is no negotiating with a hungry infant), but I am certain I was programmed to be a night owl, not a morning bird! One thing that just kills my husband is that I "store" things in my car. He feels the need to empty it out every time he can, which just drives me insane!! I have things in there for a reason and I will eventually need them. HANDS OFF!!!
He also hates that I don't empty out my suitcases when we get back from a trip until a week later, that I am OBSESSED with buying antique furniture to restore...and never get to it (how can I with a full time job and a 1 yr old???) and that I have a garage full of boxes and I refuse to part with them.
So don't feel bad, this is what makes us authentic and this is why they love us...I think! :)

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Ha ha ha, I think I need to make a whole new list after reading your comment Gina! I think we have more in common than I realized! I am definitely a pack-rat and Jim is the king of throw away! You never know when you might need something!

Anonymous Liz said...  

LOL these made me laugh. Especially #'s 5 & 8 {they sound like me} <3

Blogger Elaine said...  

Definitely not a habit you're going to break "overnight" lol.

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