Monday, November 29, 2010

Fashion Cambio - {Winter Scarf}

This Fashion Cambio is inspired by stylist Alex Evjen's blog, Ave Styles. I love her take on fashion and style and I liked this inspiration photo because it was so simple, and the scarf added so much. Now I don't have black leather pants, so I improvised, but I think it still turned out to be a cute and versatile look. 

Since there was not bottom half to this inspiration photo, I made up my own look.
Oh, and don't forget to check out my teeth. (I need to stop making this face...)

{Shirt} Target
{Jeans} Charlotte Russe
{Boots} Steve Madden Girl-DSW
{Scarf} Forever 21


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Anonymous Vanessa said...  


Blogger ms. elisabeth said...  

SUPER cute!

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Thanks girls! I have so much fun doing the fashion posts, I think it makes me get a little more creative...

Anonymous Liz said...  

You are too adorable. I love the whole look, Kels!

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Why thank you Ms. Liz :)

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