Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Grown-Up, Childhood Christmas List

So I've been seeing tons of blog posts over the last couple of weeks talking about awesome Christmas gifts and stocking-stuffers from Etsy stores and handmade sellers, and I think that they are all amazing. In fact, I wish I could buy a lot of them, but I have to pace myself. All of this got me thinking though, if my Christmas wish list was anything like it was when I was little, what would be on it? With that said I compiled a list of items that I kind of wish I still had around, even for a day, so that I could play like a kid again...

1. Roller Skates
I actually still want roller skates, and have asked for them for my birthday for the last couple years..I'm pretty sure that nobody is taking me seriously on that one, but I remember having super toned legs as a kid! Seriously, do you remember playing outside when you were a kid? I don't remember the last time I saw a child going down the street on a pair of roller skates! I think the world would be a better place if everyone owned a pair.

2. Lite-Brite
Oh my gosh, I loved me some Lite-Brite. I remember going into my sister's room and sneaking in to play with the Lite-Brite. For whatever reason, this toy was uber fascinating to me, and I still wish I had one. 

3. Skip-It
It is my firm belief that if Skip-Its were still made, America's obesity epidemic might not be so bad. Not really, but it is a good theory. Man I loved my Skip-It, and who doesn't remember the theme song...there's a COUNTER on this ball! If they still sold these in toys stores, I would own one. 

4. Simon
I'm pretty sure that I wasted countless hours with this game-no really, it put me in a trance, and I am very competitive by nature, so I had to beat my own score!

5. Fashion Plates
You may not remember these, but they were AWESOME. I remember my mom giving them to me, and I thought that I was the coolest ever, because I could design my own outfits. It's pretty simple, you pick a top, middle, and bottle piece and put them in their places, then put your paper over them all and color over them with colored pencils. As the pencil rubs over the raised plastic of the plate under the paper, it leaves its imprint behind. So much fun for a 6-year-old!

6. Popples
Now a lot of people find these creepy, and rightfully so, I kind of do too. I included Popples on my list because I remember being really little, and playing my my sister's hand-me-down Popples (kind of pathetic ha ha) and being totally astonished that they could turn inside out. I would play with them all day long, and carry them around the house by the tail once they were turned into a ball. I do have some weird childhood memories!

7.Sylvanian Family Toys 
You probably don't remember these, and maybe you saw them somewhere once, but I LOVED these little guys. I remember dragging my mom down the aisle that had these at Toys-R-Us and begging her to buy me the ones I didn't have yet. I remember having, bears, raccoons, rabbits, you name it! I don't know why these were so intriguing, they just were. Jim and I recently went into a toy store and saw some, and I was really tempted to buys some...

8. Teddy Ruxpin
So these guys totally freak me out now, but when I was little, they were so interesting. I remember getting one that was either my brother's or sister's before it was mine and I think I only got to play with it while it had batteries one time. I found it recently when my parents were moving and was really creeped out...we gave it to Jim's best friend (I'm not really sure why he wanted it). Good luck Teddy, good luck. 

9. G.I. Joe {This one is for Jim}
I never played with G.I. Joe's growing up, but it was the world for my husband as an 8-year-old. We recently put a bunch of the old cartoons in our Blockbuster queue and after attempting to watch the first one that came in, Jim decided to take them out of the queue. I guess there are a lot of things that you used to love as a kid, that don't seem that great when you get older. (Like "Saved By the Bell," totally not as good as an adult.)

10. Speak&Spell
I'm pretty sure if I was a kid today, I would be bored to death playing with a Speak&Spell. When I was little, I remember playing with it when I was under 5, not really understanding what it was. By the time I was old enough to understand, I think the batteries had since been used up or thrown out, and I had totally lost interest. Why is it that some of our toys stuck around way after they were relevant? 

Well I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I know some of these were and would still be awesome toys; I think if I could choose one out of all of them to bring back and play with, it would have to be the Skip-It. So what is your favorite childhood toy? Do you think you would still like it, or be totally bored?

Keep it real,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...  

OHHHH MMYYYYYY GOOOSSHHH! You TOTALLY brought me back. LOVED popples and have totally forgotten about them. And Teddy Ruxpin. Thanks Kels, makes me SMILE :D

Blogger Wendy said...  

They do skill have skip its around. They have different things on the end, but my niece plays with one! And those fashion plates are older than you think.... I had a set. They were my favorite toy from age 6-11 I think. My mom began to outlaw them due to my paper use.

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Wendy-Ahh! I have to get a skip it!
Lynn, thanks :)

Blogger Gina said...  

Easy bake oven for sure!!!

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Gina-I wasn't allowed to have an easy bake oven, they were too messy. :( I feel like I might have missed out on that one.
Wendy-totally went to walmart to look for skip-it, didn't find one. Double frowny face :((

Blogger Srsly Liz said...  

OH EM GEE I totally forgot about fashion plates!!! I absolutely adored those. I love this post <3

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Ha ha thanks Liz, I think I would like to find a vintage set of fashion plates now.

Blogger Brenna said...  

Doodle Bears, Super Nintendo, Giga-pets & Nano-Pets, many to think of! :)

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Omg you're so right Brenna!

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