Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fashion Cambio - Delicate Contrast

What I love about this Fashion Cambio is the inspiration's mix of masculine vs feminine clothing. The baggy jeans, leather jacket and comfy shirt are totally off-set by the delicate Mary Jane inspired heels.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit how Target-heavy this outfit is...I didn't even realize it till I went to write the post. It shows you how much I really do pay attention to my clothes anymore-when I was young I used to be able to tell you where every article of clothing I owned was from. As I get older and more distracted I find myself pulling on all of my tags to jar my memory. Sigh, how does mid-twenties feel old already, ha ha. With that said...

{Jacket} Target last month
{Shirt} Repeat shirt, Target a few months ago
{Jeans} Self worn Lucky Brand jeans
{Shoes} you guessed it, Target

Keep it real,

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