Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why I Love My Husband, In 10 Pictures

I was looking through old photos and stumbled across these. It made me burst with emotion because I love my husband SO much. I thought I would share why.
He dresses like Mr. T, for no reason
He loves life, and loves to sing...ALL of the time
He is the only one wearing a Sombrero on Cinco de Mayo
He loves all children, big and small
He's resourceful
He finds the BEST ways to ruin other people's photos. On purpose
He, um, keeps things interesting...sometimes scary :)
He's charming
He gets tattoos because he likes them, no other reason
He shows his emotion

Okay, okay, I admit that after I started this, I found way more than 10 pictures and reasons why I love him, so I'm going to continue on...

He knows what he likes
He's nurturing
But no really, he is.
He's thoughtful
He's friendly
He's a sharp dresser
...but completely sexy.
He's my perfect match.

I really could go on and on, but I will stop embarrassing him. :)



Anonymous Liz said...  

HAHAH the "nurturing" one is priceless. I love your love, Kels. <3

Anonymous I lost my choo. said...  

Love the picture of him in a sea of shoes. You should definitely get that printed and frame it. It's awesome!

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

Hahaahhaaa the order in which you put two of the pictures cracked me up. 1. Of jb holding my belly of which I look nine months pregnant. 2. And immediatly after one of him holding a baby. Me and jim make such a beautiful love child together. Lol

Blogger Brenna said...  

This is cool Kelse. Really nice :) -Brenna

Blogger Elaine said...  

Ab-SOUL-utely LOVED this blog. How amazingly creative, loving, enchanting, courageous, delightful, humorous and crazy! I see why he loves YOU!

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