Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This is technically the newest version of "40-Minute-Meals" but it takes less than 40 minutes...way less, so I didn't want to title it that. FLT is my version of a BLT but the 'F' stands for...


Figs are the superstar of this sandwich, but it's good for oh so many reasons. If you look closely at my picture, it does have some bacon in there, but the good thing is that this sandwich can take it or leave it. We just happened to have leftover jalapeño bacon so it was more out of being resourceful. I guess this should be called a BFLT, but that starts to sound like an acronym for a profanity. 

Whole wheat artisan bread (ours is from TJ's)
Goat cheese, mmmm
Sliced tomato
Sliced, dried figs
Oil and vinegar dressing


It's pretty self explanatory, but here we go: 
1. Start by slicing your wheat bread and spreading the goat cheese on one side. 
2. Thinly slice your tomatoes and figs. 
3. Place them on the cheesy side of the sandwich. (I like to sauté the tomatoes quickly before putting them on the sandwich. 
4. If you choose to add meat you can put it on at this time as well and close your sandwich (my preferred meat of choice is a thin slice of prosciutto - YUM!) 
5. Let sauté on either side (I have a fancy panini pan that smooshes mine for me, but any pan will do. 
6. After toasted on both sides, pull top slice off again and add arugula and a very small amount of oil and vinegar, (less than a teaspoon). I like to make a vinaigrette with it and add a little sea salt and pepper to my homemade dressing.

We had this for dinner tonight, it was pretty satisfying! I will caution you to be careful on the 'fats' of this dish, the goat cheese and olive oil can add calories quickly so use them both sparingly. I am planning on doing my next 'Things that are Good for You' post this week, and guess what it's on? FATS! So stay tuned if you want to learn more about what kinds of fats should be in your diet.

So what did you think? Would you try it? I'm pretty sure next time I want to put a little sliver of prosciutto on mine. Prosciutto is the reason why I'm currently not a vegetarian, I think it's my favorite meat! Ha ha. Would you alter this recipe at your house, or keep it the same? Would you try it with jalapeño bacon?

Keep it real,


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