Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finding Phoenix {Entry Two}

Jim and myself have been trying to be more 'green' than usual lately. A lot of our friends know that we carpool to work and try to do it as much as possible to save on gas and help do our part. Since starting my job in Phoenix, I've been taking the light rail for part of my trip so that Jim can have the car during the day, but not have to go past his work to drop me off. Therefore, every day I hurry my buns down to the light rail station to try to make it on time for him to pick me up from the stop by his work.

Some days I have a little extra time to snap a picture, so I got this one of the garden outside of the Phoenix Art Museum. I literally walk past this every day, and it's just a slot in the wall along the edge of the garden. It's really neat because it gives people passing a chance to see a lot of the landscape on the other side, and it's so artistic. There are some really awesome things going on in the area around the museum, so I think a few more of my 'Finding Phoenix' pics will be of this area.

So what did you think? Are you liking these postings so far? What else would you want to see?

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