Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who Said 'I love you' First?

(Crazy dark hair!)
I don't know why this is such a big deal, but people always ask the question 'who said I love you first' in newer relationships. Well for the record, Jim did, but it's not like it matters. :) So this is a picture of us at a Griffin House show on the night that we said 'I love you' to each other. For weeks leading up to it we kept saying 'I really more than like you' to each other, because we were both too stubborn to say it first.

I know this is all sappy and lovey-dovey but I want to know, did you say it first? Was it your significant other? Can you explain to me why people care so much?!? Ha ha. This was a while back for me and Jim obviously, but I still know the answer, and will probably never forget that even though I said it a milli-second after him, he still said it first!

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Blogger Kara said...  

I totally said it first cause my now-fiance didn't have the huevos! But he said it milliseconds later, too :) I don't think it really matters - I'm pretty sure most couples who feel the same about each other wait until they're sure they feel that way to say it. Right?

Blogger Whitney said...  

My guy said it first, and I didn't say it until weeks later! He still teases me about that, actually. No clue on why people ask that all the time though, but now you've got me wondering too..

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

My husband told me he was scared to tell me because he thought I wouldn't say it back. So I said it first and he was so surprised and tears came to his eyes. It was magical! He, of course, said it back right away.

Blogger jenny aka. little j. said...  

I honestly can't remember, but I am 99% sure my boyfriend said it first, because I NEVER say it first. (I often fall fast and hold back, luckily Jackson fell fast too and wasn't afraid to tell me!)
PS. You guys are really such a great looking couple :)

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