Friday, January 20, 2012

Crappy + Happy Friday!

{Can't remember where my socks are from, boots are Target, Ring is King Baby-stolen from my husband-and everything else is Forever21}

Arizona has been freakishly warm for January; I expect that in the dead of winter, an outfit like this would have me just that, dead! So it's not really the dead of winter here and I still insist on finding ways to wear my boots, because it will only be a few short months before all hope is lost, and I would die of heat exhaustion if I tried to wear tweed, boots and knee-highs. 
{I know this one is blurry, but I liked it too much not to include it}

So here we go again, Crappy + Happy Friday! Hope you have more happy's than crappy's today (I don't know if that was grammatically correct, oh well)!

C: The furnace deciding to break about...three weeks ago now...awesome.
H: Arizona deciding to have highs in the 70's for the whole duration of our misfortune (don't get me wrong, our evenings still consist of lots and lots of blankets, but it could be worse).

C: The unfortunate task of replacing two of our tires, because of course we would wait to do this until our furnace broke. 
H: Craigslisting a bike for $25 more than the cost of the tires, just two days before. Bam! I am the Craigslist MASTER!

C: Not being pregnant right now. 
H: Not being pregnant right now. 

Don't be confused, we are NOT trying, but sometimes I want and lately I've been realizing that it's good that we are waiting. 

C: Finishing the Twilight Saga, and having nothing to read (don't judge, the books are addicting).
H: Being introduced to the Hunger what, I like teen dramas, they're easy to read.

C: Finding multiple business cards on our door for landscaping services. What are you trying to say, that the weed-laden flower bed, barren planters and dead Bermuda grass is not appealing? 
H: I have a kitchen now, with cabinets and a well spent, who cares about my front yard, I'm not in debt over it!

Hope you all have a very happy Friday!

Keep it real,

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Anonymous Liz said...  

I'm right there with ya on the YA lit. So easy to read and entertaining haha. CUTE SOCKS! I wish you knew where they were from :(

Anonymous Jacqueline said...  

Oh how I love this feature...

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

I agree with your thoughts on boots and the Phoenix weather. I've been wearing my boots all winter and my BF is like it's warm out, why are you wearing those? LOL

Blogger Kara said...  

Loving this feature - it's so clever!! Hasn't the weather been great lately? My in-laws in Indiana are snowed in; it's so awesome to rub our sunny days in their faces :)

I wanted to say thanks for designing such a great flyer for our Phoenix Style Collective event next week - you did an awesome job! Are you coming out to the event?

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