Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jacqueline's Homemade Granola

A friend of mine, Jacqueline, and I have been getting together on our off-days to try out new recipes and keep each other accountable with our running. It's been really nice because both of us are very involved in the nutrition world from a career stand-point and we are very like-minded when it comes to our beliefs. We always have fun looking up new vegan or vegetarian recipes to try and in all honesty, making things that I probably wouldn't make if it weren't for her (like homemade pasta!).

Something that Jacqueline introduced me to is her homemade granola recipe. Now I know she would probably want to give credit to Mark Bittman, where she got her original recipe, but she's modified it so much that it doesn't resemble his recipe so I'm just calling it 'Jacqueline's Homemade Granola' now. It's a super simple, quick recipe and it is AH-MAZING!
Now, this part is SERIOUSLY easy. I mean you will probably never do anything easier in your life, except maybe exhale. Mix all of the dry ingredients together, excluding the chocolate chips. Add the honey and mix again (you might have to make sure that you are using quite a large mixing bowl and mix with your hands). Spread the granola along some foil or wax paper on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes (depending on how toasty you like it), stirring every three minutes to avoid burning the granola. After it's nice and toasty, take it out and mix in the chocolate chips - we left it on the cookie sheet to do this. This makes about eight cups.

I've been eating my granola with a little bit of soy milk every morning (it doesn't take much to fill me up either, the oats expand A LOT). You can also eat it dry as a snack too. It will not have the same consistency as most granolas that you are used to because those have a lot of sugar and chemicals in them to make them clump together like that, but I love it just the way it is. Enjoy!

Keep it real,

ps. Here is a photo of my friend Jacqueline while we were making pasta from scratch!

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Blogger Anna Zimmerman said...  

Yum! This looks delicious. You should put up a pasta recipe too! I have always wanted to try that.

Blogger I BLEED PINK said...  

This looks so yummy!!

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