Friday, February 10, 2012

Crappy + Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!!! I hope your Friday is treating you well. How's the weather out there? It's been, well, perfect here. Which means I'm slightly chilly all of the time, and everyone else keeps insisting that it's perfect; hence the jacket in my pictures (in 75 degree weather).
{Jacket; Target, Shirt; gift from my mom, Jeans; Forever 21, Shoes; DSW, Ring; Jewelmint, Glasses; Target}

H: After a month our heater is fixed!
C: Just in time for spring.

H: Planted the seedlings for our garden this spring!
C: Arizona pretty much only has two seasons, so if I screw this up, I have to wait a while to make it up.

H: New schedule at work! Instead of working 4-10's I went back to 5-8's so that I could be done by three and go to the gym...and hopefully not be so tired all of the time.
C: My first day on the new schedule I made it to McDonald's, not the gym. SOOO counter productive..and I never eat McDonald's..I don't even know where that came from. Weird.

H: Those weeds in the background of my photos. I've decided to just laugh at them, because they are so ridiculous. Seriously, they almost look intentional. It's so sad it's funny. 
C: Uhhh, I don't think I have to explain the crappy part of this.

H: Getting to go to sushi with my sister!

H: My hair getting long.
C: It's not on purpose anymore...I really need a new stylist. Any recs? 

H: Listening to Always Sunny which is on in the next room, it's the 'Day Man' episode. Best. Thing. Ever.
C: There is nothing crappy about Always Sunny, ever. Unless you're not watching it, that's crappy.

Happy weekend peeps! I hope you have great weather and get outside and have some fun! Go ride a bike!

Keep it real,

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Blogger Home-style Hodepodge said...  

I love my hair girl, I've been seeing her for a good 7 years now and I always refer my friends. I never have to tell her what to do, I ask her what she thinks we should do.

Her name is Ashley and works for herself at Vesuvio Studios on Mesa Dr. and Warner. Her number can be found here:

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Thanks Chelsea! I'll have to check her out!

Anonymous Iz said...  

I love your brogue/oxfords. I like the color. I have blue ones.

Anonymous Jacqueline L. said...  


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