Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm a 13-year-old girl again

Sigh. This is the part of my blog where I talk about my unhealthy obsession with tween dramas. I can say it with confidence though, because I know that I'm not the only grown women who feels her inner junior higher sneaking out. My husband will not let up about it either. He finds every opportunity to point out my childish behavior. If we're walking through a book store, he makes sure to point out where the teen romance section is (I think it's technically teen sci-fi), or if there's a young person in the room he points out that I can go talk to them because we have something in common.

It all started with the Twilight Saga. I was running on the treadmill at the gym one day and saw the first half of Twilight on one of the TVs and immediately had to go rent it to see what happened. Then I had to rent New Moon and Eclipse...obviously. It ended up being perfect timing because Breaking Dawn part I came out just in time for me to go see it in the theaters. Well of course I wanted to see what happened after that, so I read all of the three weeks. I literally had no life. I didn't even shower on some days. I can't even describe the looks my husband would give me during that phase, there was some definite judging going on.
I chose this photo because I feel like it represents all of the books. Continual angst. 

After I finished the books I was so antsy! If you read them you know what I'm talking about. That can't be it! It wasn't enough, I'm pathetic addicted! So then I looked for the bootleg stuff. I was introduced to Midnight Sun. I then saw the intricisies of Stephanie Meyers' writing and it solidified my status on team Edward. I even read the Bri Tanner novela.

I read this issue of Entertainment Weekly. I'm not goint to say that I started to become obssessed with the actors, thinking that they were really the characters, but I will say this: both Jacob and Taylor Lautner are smoldering, Edward and Robert Pattinson are a little coy, and Bella and Kristin Stewart kind of annoy me...can we say attention whores?
(Oh and don't think that I am unaware of the level of acting going on here, but it doesn't matter after you get to where I'm at...others can attest.)

At this point if you are one of my more sophisticated, more mature readers, you may have lost all respect for me...but I don't care, because I'm so involved at this point.

When I met the end of my Twilight reading material (please tell me if I'm missing something) I had to turn my attention to something else before I took it to extremes-try googling 'twilight tattoo' it's awesome. You will be entertained for hours. 

This brings us to the Hunger Games. Got through all three in two weeks. Again with the no showering, PJ's all day, husband evil glare stage of my life. 
I won't take criticism for this one. EVERYONE who reads the Hunger Games likes them. I have not one shred of embarrassment about it. 

I'm now going to talk about my feelings about the casting for the new movie, because I am going beyond the 'no-shame I liked the books' phase and head first into the 'I take fictional characters way too seriously' phase. (I still have not said the phrase 'but it could really happen!' so don't worry too much about me).

So here it goes:
Katniss: Totally okay with Jennifer Lawrence.
Peeta: Josh I think I was picturing more of an Alex Pattyfer, but maybe I'll change my mind after watching it.
Gale: Liam Hemsworth, uh yes.
Haymitch: ALL WRONG! I think I was picturing a curly-haired, drunk, Nathan Lane. Definitely NOT Woody Harrelson.
Cinna: uh, I think they should have gone with a no name for Cinna, Lenny Kravitz is well, Lenny Kravitz.
Effie: HOLY CRAP THAT'S ELIZABETH BANKS? Well I think they chose perfectly, because all I saw was Effie. 
Rue: Uh no. Cute actress, but not how she was described in the book AT ALL. She's supposed to be similar to Prim, and I think their ages are the only similarities. 
Prim: Yes.
Caesar Flickerman: Stanly Tucci?! NOOO. More like Regis Philbin...with powder blue hair, ahem.
Foxface: Eh, don't really see it. Maybe she should have been cast as the Avox girl.
President Snow: Even though I don't think Donald Sutherland is creepy enough, I think he was a good choice.

This is where I'm going to stop because the husband-greif is going to be outrageous now. I have throghouly disected the cast and spent far too much time on this post, but there you have it. 

My name is Kelsey Strothers and I'm addicted to teen sci-fi.

Keep it real.

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Blogger ilene @ muchloveilly said...  

uh-mazing post! i'm so with you. 27 year old but totally a 13 year old when it comes to anything twilight or hunger games related!

Blogger Chanel said...  

looooove twilight!!!!

Blogger aki! said...  

Haha. I do things that people make fun of me for too. I tend to gloss over Twilight and Hunger Games posts.... but I know people who gloss over some of my posts. Perfectly okay to be interested in different things.

I'm not sure how old I am in my tastes.

Blogger Jacqueline said...  

Kelsey! I loved this. :)

Blogger HoodooVoodoo said...  

this is a late response, however I disagree with you. i think lenny kravitz is perfect and the girl who plays rue is perfect imo too. she fits the description in the book to me.

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