Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love you just like any other day

Dear Jim Bob,

Today's a 'special' day for some, but I love you just like any other day...

When we started dating, I knew that you were special, different, unique. In the most un-cliche sense, you were unlike anyone I had ever met. I was so intrigued, so puzzled by you and your behavior. I couldn't figure you out, but I also couldn't wait to try. I couldn't put my finger on my feelings for you, but I knew that I would love you some day.

Then that day came, the day that I said 'I love you'. The day that I said it wasn't the day that I felt it, no that day was long before that, but it was so hard for me to admit. I was like a balloon with too much air; I was so full that the only option left was to burst. That was a happy day, but it was not the day that I knew I would love you forever.

My mind started reeling with the thoughts of our life together. Not just one day, but all days with you. You had proven to me that my worries, all of my irrational fears had no place in our relationship. I learned why you were different, and what trust really meant. Then came the day I found out that you felt the same way, the day I said yes.

Then there was planning for a big day. So much time spent on one day, when all I wanted were all of the days after. I wanted that day to be here, but I also wanted the days to slow down. When I think about that time, I know there was stress and tears, but only the best parts stick out in my mind. All of the moments leading up to our day add to our foundation, and the foundation days are some of the most important days.

Then there was the day. The quickest day of my life. The official start date. I had found something that I could never let go of and I had to make it permanent in my life. I couldn't go one step further without binding myself to you. We were already a team, the best team, this is the day that you became my family too. I already knew that I would love you forever by now, but I showed everyone on this day.

Now our days move forward. I hope that one day we can grow our family and fill our life with more to love. For now it's me and you, and I know that the hard days lead to a stronger team. I know that an argument is just that, an argument. I knew that I would love you forever, but I don't think I'll ever understand how that love changes so much from day to day. Just when I feel like I can't fit anymore love, respect and excitement for you in my heart...the next day comes.

That's what I've come to expect from us, each day being just as meaningful, surprising and exciting as the one before, if not more. So happy Valentine's day to my husband, teammate, family, lover, comforter, father-to-our-future-children and lover of my good and bad. To that man that tells me 'I love your ears, especially when they poke out of your hair' (which I HATE), 'I love your neck, it's so feminine and slender' (and I never even had to tell you that I always felt like a giraffe), 'you're so sweet and considerate, you're the best wife' (after I'm done having a melt down in the car), I owe all of my gratitude.

Jim Bob, I love you more today on Valentine's day, than I have on any other day, but that's because I love you just like any other day.



Blogger Elaine said...  

Thats the coolest love letter EVER. Melt my heart

Blogger Chanel said...  

Beautiful post :)

Blogger Anna Zimmerman said...  

This is adorable. Happy Valentine's Day Kelsey!

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