Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mustache Love

Photo taken by Sloanphotographers
Mustaches are a huge craze right now; I don't know what it is but EVERYONE loves a mustache. Maybe it's the element of uniqueness, or just because it's kinda quirky but there's a small obsession with the facial frock. Whether it be weddings, engagement shoots, clothing, accessories or just something you rock in your day-to-day life, mustaches are a retro love of the moment.
My husband and I too are guilty of the mustache trend. He actually had a love for the stache before we even met, and had these gnarly tattoos permanently grace his fingers (courtesy of James Carey). Needless to say after the above picture was taken at our engagement shoot, mustaches kind of became our thing.
We had a lovely friend, Mrs. Julia D. Hull, who gave us the sweetest gift at our wedding-a box full of hand-made mustaches on wooden handles for all of our wedding party to use as props! We had so much fun and love, love, loved our resulting pictures!
This was all ironic because of our already planned wedding favors...custom pins made with the help of Flower Bed Head's Etsy store.

We had so much fun with those props and we have continued to obsess over the trend. On a recent trip to San Diego we stumbled upon the raddest (yes I know, made up word) urban clothing+accessories shop ever called 5&A Dime in the Gas Lamp District in the heart of San Diego. The whole set up of the store was old and reminiscent with vintage pipes as props, saloon style doors for the dressing room and of course...mustaches!
Meet our purchases...
With all of that said, I think that you can see OUR small obsession with mustaches, how about you? Are you a fan of the stache, or is it something else fun and unique that gets you stoked-Please share!

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