Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Things My Mother Left Me

My mom is the queen of many things, but growing up she was definitely the queen of doilies. For as long as I can remember she has been putting them under vases, on shelves, in her kitchen, living room, family room, bed room; basically anywhere she could find room. I don't know if she had a ton of doilies, or if she rotated the same ones around the house-our house was constantly shifting and being redesigned anyway.
I used to think that doilies were for old ladies who kept mints in the bottom of their purses for way too long and constantly searched for missing glasses that were hanging from their neck by their hand-made glasses cord. As I get older there are many things that, at one point in time seemed boring and unimportant, and I never understood why they seemed so exciting to my mom. I too am excited now for doilies now and understand the re-arranging and obsession over them.
Doilies are delicate, feminine, pretty, give a vintage feel, evoke memories and soften a space or object. There are so many types of doilies to choose from too!
I'm obsessed with this cute little doily dress that I bought from Mystic Paper, and I love, love, love this doily collar from CottonBlue on etsy!
Doilies will always be something pretty and whimsical in my mind and using them is a tradition that I hope to pass on some day.
Thanks again mom!

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