Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goodwill Finds!

So I have to admit that I've been doing some Goodwill shopping lately-not for anything in particular but maybe just some fun, random finds. Well typically when I go to Goodwill I end up with things I don't need (or at least not at the moment) or picking out something that I didn't expect to find.
In my opinion the last couple of trips have been successful! I try to wait to go until the 50% off Saturdays because, well...I'm too cheap to pay full price at Goodwill-ha! There are always the funny random things that you find that maybe make you regret walking through the doors (i.e. Jim Bob having to buy the "awesome" Alf stuffed animal that he found-eh hem :(, or the completely translucent 1990's television set) - you know, the things that make you know that you're at Goodwill.  Occasionally, however, despite having countless trips of having made bad purchases and coming home with things I know will probably end up BACK at Goodwill, I do find a diamond in the rough and pick a winner. (I literally yell that in the store "WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!"...not really).
So today I share with you what I think are some fine finds. You may not agree with me and that's fine; you'll just know after this that you don't want to shop at Goodwill. For everyone else, here we go!
1st up....
These guys were hiding on one of the multiple "over-abundance of random kitchen items" racks that seemed to stretch for miles. On this trip I went with my good friends Brandon and Jackie and we noticed these bad boys on the tail end of our adventure. On the bottom of these the word "Japan" is embossed, letting me know that I found a real opposed to "China". In all seriousness, I don't know the true value of these-they could be worth $1,000 or two cents, I just know that I think they are pretty and that they look really nice in my kitchen lined up so neatly.

Again, it's always nice to imagine that the random item that you bought at Goodwill is worth way more than you think it is. I imagine that this vase is actually a ridiculous mistake on someone elses part and that they gave it to Goodwill not knowing that it was worth $5,000. In all reality I paid $2.50 for it, but I think that it's beautiful and I can't wait to display it in my home.


In all honesty, this wasn't exactly a gem to me the first time I laid eyes on it. Jim pointed it out to me in the store and I said "yeah, that looks pretty cool," while I was thinking "hmmm, that looks pretty old and disease ridden".  After carrying it through Goodwill for 20 more minutes, and actually buying it, carrying it out to the car and then looking at it in my back seat I finally decided "actually, that's kinda retro and cool looking!" (I thoroughly sanitized it after, and have never eaten pop corn out of it.)

Now I use this fun find to store all sorts of random craft supplies and tools, and I think I could say it's one of my favorite purchases!
That's it! Have I converted you yet? Are you a Goodwill-er? Warning to all of the Goodwill virgins: You may have to go a few times and fail, you may have to burn some of the clothes that you wear into the store and you might develop a twitch or a lazy eye before emerging from Goodwill-IT'S OKAY! Time heals all things and if you practice enough, you too can become a skilled Goodwill-er.
Happy shopping!
Disclaimer: My kitchen was not cleaned prior to the "Goodwill photoshoot" therefore please ignore the dust and crums which make guest apperances on my blog. :)

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