Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Practical Art

When Jim and I went to the Clarendon in Phoenix last month, I was really inspired and attracted to their window coverings. That sounds funny, but I thought this was a great way to decorate but be practical and add color to a room all at the same time. This piece was a canvas painting that was modified to run along a track. The track was just metal tubing on the wall and the painting was attached with some PVC* that went on the outside of the tubing. They left theirs white, but if the industrial look isn't for you, the hardware could always be hand painted or even spray painted a uniform color to go along with your motif. 

I hope you've been inspired to change your space!


*When shopping for PVC or other plastic/hardware items please look for safe plastic items. If there is a "3" above the "V" on the material that could mean that it is not made out of a safe plastic. If items have a distinct vinyl smell to them, it could mean that they are made out of polyvinyl chloride which is a potentially hazardous material.

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