Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mr. Pockets

My family met up over the weekend, and with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew living in Tucson, it's rare that we all get together. While eating and laughing together, we told stories and reminisced about good times; one story in particular came up about my grandpa, and with the 5th year anniversary of his passing having just gone by, I thought it would be appropriate to share.

Mr. Pockets

My grandpa used to be a principal of a school in southern California, and I wish that I had been a student there because stories of him as a principal sounded like so much fun. He used to dress up and surprise all of  the kids, and randomly visit all of the classes to see the kids and be involved. One fun thing he used to do to entertain kids was dress up as "Mr. Pockets" and visit the classrooms. He had this awesome homemade coat that had tons of little pockets sewn into it, where he hid little treasures for them to discover. 

This is Mr. Pockets. I can say that my grandpa gave me a lot of my favorite memories as a child. Looking at this picture, I smile because it just shows his light-hearted nature and joy in life. He was a quiet man, but what I remember most was how he would quietly call me over to show me something special-whether it be a little wooden spool-crochet gimmick he made or handing me a piece of mango to try for the first time-he always had some sort of secret to share with me. In a way he found a method to pull a treasure out of his pocket whether he was wearing the jacket or not. 

Thanks for reminiscing with me,


P.S. If you were lucky enough to have met my grandpa, please feel free to post a comment with your favorite memory of him. It would mean so much to me and I would love to share it with my grandmother. 

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Blogger Elaine said...  

He was an amazing man. I remember a tidbit of advise he gave me...when peeling off something like a sticker or price tag etc... he would say if you do it slow enough it will always come off. Somehow he must have known that I would impatiently rip things off. Slow and steady.

Blogger The Kempiak Party of Five said...  

Do you know that Mr. Pockets let Jon wear that jacket once? What an honor.

Your grandpa was one of our dearest friends! I miss him still!

Blogger RooFresh said...  

I didn't know that Kymberly, what did he wear it for? Or was he just trying it on? :)

Anonymous said...  

I enjoy hearing stories about my Dad, keep them coming!

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