Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving {First}

I had this look on my face all day
Jim had this one, ha ha kidding. Becky is photo bombing!
My sister Lynn and Grandpa
Dad carving the turkey with the oldest electric carver in the world
My brother-in-law Josh helping out as well
Some of our lovely guests caught off guard
My lovely sister-in-law (and Zoe) helping out
Julia and Lynn
My friend Julia gave me this apron as a gift for hosting our first Thanksgiving. Julia says I am 6-feet tall, I'm actually only 5'6"
I even found some time to play with the little man. We're playing "choo-choo's" and "truckies" (and we kind of match.)

So that was the first Thanksgiving at our new house. I don't think we even got pictures of all of the food (and the two turkeys we had!) We had a lot of fun, and even though it was crazy I still don't regret doing it. (I know some of you think that I do ;)

Keep it real,


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