Thursday, December 9, 2010

Milk, Chocolate Milk, Chocolate Chocolate Milk

I love my husband, and I have fun with him pretty much every day I'm with him. Tonight he asked if I wanted to participate in the chocolate milk challenge with him...that's right, chocolate milk taste-testing. You see there is this brand of chocolate milk from Trader Joe's that we are obsessed with, as seen here:
There is also a type of chocolate sauce, or syrup, that we like to use as well...
We got into a debate the other night as to which would be the best; the fantastic "Rock View" chocolate milk, chocolate milk made from the "Midnight Moo," or the RV with MM mixed in...chocolate overload..
The first is the OG Rock View, the middle is skim milk mixed with the Midnight Moo, and the last is pretty much death by chocolate milk.

...And here we are taste-testing:

It was a unanimous decision, the Rock View won out big time!

Reasons why:
1. The chocolate milk made from scratch tasted grainy and watered down for the recommended amount of chocolate added.
2. The chocolate chocolate milk was WAY too sweet and sugary.
3. The Rock View is pretty much the best, most smooth flavor you can get.

Chocolate milk: 6
Chocolate chocolate milk: 5
Rock View: 9

Woo hoo! Yay for chocolate milk challenge. We found that the healthiest out of all of the options was the regular chocolate milk with fewer calories and no calories from fat. Then the Rock View cam in second but not by much, and obviously the chocolate chocolate milk came in last health-wise.

We take our challenges seriously; if you want to try the best chocolate milk in the world, go to Trader Joe's for this one.

Keep it real,


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