Sunday, January 9, 2011

Roofresh on Chictopia

I finally decided to start tracking my outfits on Chictopia. I love doing Fashion Cambio, but sometimes I have outfits without inspiration photos and those are fun too! It's a great website to grab ideas from though, from individuals who love experimenting with new trends and creating their own. 

Well I asked Jim to take a few pictures of my outfit today while we were at Joe's Farm Grill for lunch. We tried a couple of different spots, but while trying to take them with my iPhone, not many were turning out. I have this really weird thing that when I'm facing the sun, even just a little, I CANNOT KEEP MY EYES OPEN! It's literally impossible. I do everything in my power to keep from squinting and closing my eyes and it is beyond my abilities. I'm pretty sure I annoy people with it too, I totally ruin pictures with it. I'm not meaning to, I just can't help myself!

I thought it would be funny to post some of my outtakes. Go ahead and laugh at me, that's why I'm posting it... ha ha ha

This next one if of me trying to wait until the last second before Jim takes the picture to open my eyes...didn't really work.
Ha ha I look so goofy!

Here are a couple that actually turned out...

Hope you got a good laugh out of it, or at least you found out about Chictopia. I have a Chictopia Blog that you can check out here.

Keep it real,


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Blogger Elaine said...  

Okay so if closing your eyes ruins the picture and you can't help it, maybe JB has the same twitch and can't help it when he ruins a perfectly good picture. Maybe it's like sticking your finger in your mouth accidently when it has bug spray on it and you tell yourself don't do it!!!

Anonymous Liz said...  

This is usually how photoshoots with Glenn and I go. I always have to delete half of the shots because he makes fun of/me laugh the entire time. Silly boys.

You're cute though :)

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