Saturday, February 5, 2011

Arizona Blogger Meetup!

I'm so excited for this! If you are a blogger, if you live in Arizona or not, you should know about it! Danielle, Chelsea, and I have been emailing back and forth getting some details worked out, and thus far we know that it is going to be on the 26th of March in downtown Phoenix. We have a lot of great stuff in the works and I'm super stoked! If you are interested in attending head on over to Sometimes Sweet, Danielle's blog and RSVP under her post to reserve your spot!

More details will be coming later, but we are planning on a day activity and a dinner party in the evening. If you can only make it to one or the other please let us know, we would be happy to have you at either. Even if you are not a blogger, but would just like to get together and network or meet cool new peeps, let us know and join in the fun! Can't wait!!!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...  

um yeah, i totally plan on being there.

Blogger Katherine said...  

I can't wait!

❤ Katherine at

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