Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fashion Cambio - {Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno}

Sorry that this post is a day late, things have been a bit hectic for us! Well better late than never, and I've got an awesome sister duo for you today! This Fashion Cambio comes from the rad Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno team; you may remember Brandi from this post. I have to say that I am super inspired by their eclectic looks; they just wear what they feel good in and that's what I decided to do for my version. I took elements from their style and applied it to my outfit, instead of exactly mimicking theirs I took bits and pieces from a few of their photos. So here are the images that I drew my inspiration from...
Brandi is famous for always having the perfect white tee. I agree that every closet needs a perfect white tee and my outfit consisted of a few MMBB staples: perfect white tee, favorite cut off shorts, sneakers, a long necklace, straw fedora, and knee-high socks. 

{Hat} Brixton, from my hubby's side of the closet
{Shirt} Threads4Thought, Nordstrom Rack
{Sweatshirt} Johnny Cupcakes last year
{Shorts} Homemade from lucky jeans
{Socks} American Apparel
{Shoes} Airwalks (because Converse hurt my fat feet)
{Necklace} Homemade combo of chain from old broken necklace and charm that my mama gave me when I was little
{Earrings} Giftshop at Mandalay Bay

We took these photos at the park because right before we left the house I said "my outfit makes me feel like a little kid because I literally put on everything that was my 'favorite' regardless of if I thought it matched." I think the look came together but it definately gave me a bit more confidence wearing an outfit consisting of all of my favorite things.

Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno:

1. If your house was on fire and you only had time to grab one item from your closet, your favorite "I can't live without it" item, what would it be?
This was a hard one...but I would have to say...
-My Black (Hurley) leather jacket. It's so hard to find that perfect fit. It was a Gift from my Dad 4 years ago.

2. Briefly describe one outfit that makes you feel the most confident and why.
-My perfect White Tee (loose fitting), Faded Black Jeggings, Bueno Bueno feather dangle, Toms shoes or vans slip ons, Aviators, My LV, Messy hair:).
I know it's not glamorous at all but that's ME.
I like being comfortable. If I'm not comfortable, I am not happy.

*oh and I am totally not a LV girl but Jacob got it for me in Paris while we were there and said that our daughter would want a vintage LV to be passed down to her. Smart man.

3. Boots, pumps, flats, or flips?
- This is my order.
BAREFOOT. flats, boots, flip flops,.....heels if I have too.

I have to say that I LOVE these girls' style and I love their shop too! They sell awesome custome key necklaces and feather accessories and I WANT THEM ALL!

Hope you had fun reading this edition! I had a LOT of fun creating it. Make sure to check out the Bueno sister's blog, it's so entertaining!

Keep it real,


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Blogger BuenoBueno said...  

thanks so much! Love your outfit!!!

Blogger RooFresh said...  

It was fun! Thanks!

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