Monday, February 28, 2011

So this was kind of a little tease, I don't have a real Fashion Cambio to make up for not having one last weekend, but I do have funny pictures of my husband. You see, he takes his role as 'husband of a blogger' very seriously and insists on taking all of the photos for my outfit posts....not really, but he does complain a lot less now and actually gets into it a little bit with telling me how to stand and trying different angles.

Anyway, he may be getting all creative on me with the shots that he takes, but I'm still a control freak when it comes to all of the settings on the camera; hence the sample photos. This is a little collection of all of the sample photos that I've taken of Jim, pre-outfit shoot, to make sure that I like the settings that the camera is on. Fancy huh? 

He is just so miserable cute in the middle one, I die. I have to say, I am one lucky woman. He is so sweet to me and would do anything for me, and I have proof! What does your loved one/significant other do for you (that they hate) that makes you love them more? 

Keep it real,


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Blogger Ashley said...  

Haha! These pictures are priceless!

There should be a special award for the men behind the blogs. This weekend I made Jer walk around DC with my purse and camera bag slung over his shoulders, taking pictures of my heart tights. Not one complaint.

We are some lucky ladies. :)

Blogger Elaine said...  

I am a lucky lady because... your Dad paints walls blue for me, puts in yards, does the bills, keeps our schedule, puts up with garage sale finds and lets me be creative.

Anonymous Gary Norton said...  

You go Jim Bob! You rock - her world

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

AWWW! hahahah! how cute!!!

Blogger Alycia (Crowley Party) said...  

haha this remind me of my husband :) haha too cute.

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