Friday, February 25, 2011

You can follow me...if you want to

So I want to start by saying THANK YOU! to everyone who follows my blog so far. I love hearing your responses and every time I see that someone else is following me, I get super excited! I know it's silly, but it's nice to know that people are discovering Roofresh! I'm still pretty humble in my numbers, but it makes me appreciate my 'fans' that much more.

I kind of had to laugh when I stumbled upon my bloglovin' yesterday morning. I saw on my referring sites that someone had gone to my blog from my bloglovin' account, which I had actually started a long time ago and have done nothing with it. I actually have FOUR whole followers on it now, ha ha (if you are reading, thank you too!) I don't know how people found it, or just wanted to add it on their own, but if you have a bloglovin' or want to find out more about it, I added a cute little link at the bottom of my sidebar if you want to check it out. Now it won't be so hard if you want to follow me. ;)

Keep it real,


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Blogger tina.beth said...  

Hi, I am a new follower and I think your blog is super cute, it's become one of my daily stops. I especially love your outfit recreation posts, such a fun idea! I've just recently begun a new blog of my own at and I've cited your blog as inspiration for a post I did with instagram after your Valentine's post:)
Excited to follow you on Bloglovin too, it's such an awesome place to catch up with your favorites!
Hope you have an amazing weekend!

xo Tina

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Thanks Tina! I'm so excited that you found my blog and are enjoying it. Good luck with the blogging too! It can be a very gratifying hobby. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

I'd be one of those Bloglovin followers! :)

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Yay! Thanks for the support Danielle!

Blogger rebecca said...  

ha! i just found you and am now following! i just saw you on someone elses blog and for the life of me cant remember whos. sorry! but when i remember i will let you know!

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