Monday, March 28, 2011

Arizona Blogger Meetup {Teaser}

As you might know, I was a part of planning the most awesome event of the year (okay maybe not the most awesome, but pretty close); the Arizona Blogger Meetup! I should be getting some sweet photos back from Karie Denny soon, but in the mean time I decided to put up some iPhone shots from the day.
Vanessa, dinner at The Grind
Dried, nacho flavored kale from the Phoenix Public Market
Short Leash Hotdogs (most awesomest food truck EVAR!)
Kelsey & Chelsea
Vanessa and Danielle
Best team ever! (I don't know how that name tag ended up there)

There is much more to come, so stay tuned!

Keep it real,


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Blogger LilyLipstick said...  

Looks like you had a really fun meet-up :) x

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

Awww! Super cute photos!!

Blogger Mrs. Biscuit said...  

It was lovely to meet you! I just found your blog, which I feel like I definitely should have been following already! Happy Tuesday! =)

p.s. I'm still obsessed with that purse of yours, it's perfect!


Blogger miss indie said...  

Awesome!! Looks like you girls had a ton of fun! I'm so bummed that I had to miss it, but seeing everyone's cute photos makes it like I was there. :]

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