Monday, March 7, 2011

Cherry Popsicle Lips

So anyone in my life will tell you that I am a chapstick addict. Not just any chapstick either, the Strawberry, Chapstick brand chapstick is the only thing I'll use. I have to put it on at least 20 times a day and if I leave home without it, I will most likely be late for work because I'm stopping off at the store to get some first. So with that said, my lips are typically the same shade of light pink all of the time, unwavering from the chapstick tint. 

I do get a bit jealous of girls with rosy red lips sometimes. I've never tried to pull off lip color that's intense-the only time I think I've worn something else was on my wedding day, when someone else picked it out for me. I will on occasion use bit of gloss, but it rarely gets re-applied and Jim doesn't really like it because it's sticky (and if I want to give him a big ol' smooch, it's like he made out with a slug). I've never owned a tube of lipstick, and probably never's just messy for me to apply and feels thick and dry on my lips. Naturally, when I found this lip stain I felt like I had found the answer to my dilemma!

The reasons why I like lip stain: It doesn't feel like you are wearing lipstick, or anything really. I can put my chapstick on over it all day long and it doesn't fade. It's easy to apply, I just put a tad on, push my lips together, and blot. I can finally have lips that look like I just finished eating a cherry popsicle and not check the mirror every 10 minutes to see if I have smudges or spots on my teeth. 

The brand that I bought was just Cover Girl in 'Plum Pout' from Target. I will say that I've never really tried lipstick, so who knows, I could be missing out on a whole world of awesomeness and settling for second-rate lips...but ignorance is bliss, and I'm having fun with my stain.

Have you ever tried lip stain before? Did you like it? Is there a brand or color that you would recommend? 

Keep it real,


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Anonymous Liz said...  

Ooh, it looks so good on you! I adore lip stains and now I think I need this one :)

Blogger Megan_Marie said...  

I have NEVER tried lip stains but always look at it in the stores. I think i need to try it out, great post!

Blogger TxSizeHull said...  

First, I hold YOU completely responsible for my Strawberry Chapstick fetish. So, thanks for that.
Second, I don't like lipstick and I've used it plenty of times, there's a long list of reasons why I don't like it. You are not missing a world of awesomeness, rest easy.
Third, based on your recommendation I'm gonna try this lip stain because I would like some color to my lips (makes for better pictures). So thanks for this post!

Blogger Danielle said...  

I can say that I just tried this lip stain, literally just this past week.

and i love it.

very cute and definitely stays on :) so nice!

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