Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fashion Cambio - {The Domestication of the Tutu}

I had a mission for this week's Fashion Cambio, and it wasn't just to make the best recreation of an awesome outfit, it was to master the tutu. We're all in love with the Carrie Bradshaw tutu and the newer Black Swan tutu, but are those realistic? 

For my wedding I actually purchased a white tutu for the 'after party' that we had with some of our bridal party. Basically the reception ended at 11:00 and we all headed over to Aloft hotel to keep our party going. I was not about to hang out the rest of the night in a gigantic wedding dress (even though it was awesome), so I purchased my little white tutu from Ouma's Etsy store. 

I got a lot of compliments on it, but after the night was over I had no idea what I was going to do with it. It has sat in my closet looking pretty on a hanger for 10 months now. Both Jim and one of my friends recently brought it up and asked why I didn't wear it anymore, my answer?.....I'm not Carrie Bradshaw and I don't live in New York City. My point? It's pretty hard to pull off an article of clothing that draws that much attention, let alone accessorize and manage not to look emo-chic or like you're on your way to the ballet. 

So without further ado, the domesticated tutu!
{Shirt} Forever 21
{Jacket} Forever 21
{Belt} I don't remember, but I think it came with a shirt
{Tutu} Ouma
{Shoes} Target
{Silver Bracelet} Forever 21
{White Bracelet} My mom
{Turquoise Bracelet} Actually a necklace that I got from my grandma's garage sale
{Necklace} From a broken necklace set

So what do you think? Did I do it? Did I make the tutu wear-able? Would you wear this in public? I will say that it takes a bit of confidence to pull it off, but I've always felt that you can pull off whatever outfit you feel like you can pull off, as long as you feel good in it. 

I hope you like!

Keep it real,


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Blogger Elaine said...  

Ew da lade, look at you! LOVE what you did with look! The belt, the tutu, the shoes... really, really cute.

Anonymous Bella said...  

Yay, it looks good! Great stuff.

Blogger Ashley said...  

oh man! you are more than making it work - you are definitely rocking it!

I think I would wear it out, but I would probably need it in black. Happy Friday! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

Of course you make it work! You are adorable! I would never be able to pull off a tutu!!!

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