Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blogger Meet Up Goodies

So you've already seen my 'teaser' for the blogger meet up that happened a couple of weeks ago, and if you have a twitter account you've probably heard A LOT about it. I know you might be a bit burned out on blogger meet up talk, but I wanted to share some little details of the day and some goodies that I picked up while I was there.

After we all met up at the downtown ASU campus, we all went down to the Phoenix Public Market. When Chelsea and I talked about things to do during the day-time part of the meet up, she mentioned the Phoenix Public Market and I was psyched! I love going to farmer's markets, and this is my FAVORITE local market. It has so much variety (for Arizona especially!) and a fun little coffee shop too! On Wednesdays and Saturdays, tons of local farmers and vendors gather to sell produce and unique, authentic foods.
Next stop was Mercantile and Vintage by Misty 
I picked up this awesome 'Jane' belt at Mercantile for under $10..Sweet buy!
From there we trekked to MADE art boutique, and JoBot Cofffee for some treats!
One of my favorite stops of the day was around the corner from here at the Grow Op and Butter Toast Boutique!
The Grow Op has to be one of my favorite spots EVER in Phoenix. It has such an awesome collection of hand-made and repurposed trinkets and an awesome community garden. I talked to Kenny (one of the owners) for a while and was so impressed by their success story! Jim and I took our engagement photos right by the Grow Op last year when they were still getting established and I have to say, the growth and success that has happened in the last year is outstanding!
While shopping at the Grow Op, I couldn't resist buying one of these cute knitted doughnut rattles by Katy for my niece! Ahhhh!
This is a shot of Butter Toast Boutique where I found my high waisted vintage pleated skirt.
Last but not least on the list of goodies and fun sites was Smeeks and Frances.

Me, Vanessa, and Danielle

Georganne Bryant, the owner of Frances boutique was so generous and donated some rad gift bags to the lovely ladies who made it down to her shop that day. Here's a little peek into the bag that I got.
When we were all exhausted after a day of hard play, the Short Leash food truck rolled up and set up shop a bit early to feed some hungry bloggers! These guys were AWESOME, and so were their dogs...
It was like a dream...and for those readers who are veggies..they have veggie dogs too!

Whew, it was a long day, and a long post...but all worth it! I had so much fun and Chelsea and her boyfriend Scott were so knowledgeable about the downtown area and were great hosts for the day-time festivities. Again I have to thank Karie Denny for all of her help with the photography from that day that you see above. If you want more info on the blogger meet up or have questions about how to plan a meet up, there is a link to Danielle's blog here, where the three of us break down how we organized the whole thing!

Keep it real,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...  

Great post Kelsey!! I absolutely loved the day! :) Wishing we had Short Leash here though! *grumble grumble*

Anonymous Alex Evjen said...  

Those donuts are SOOOO cute! I need to get one!

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

I bought one of Katy's donuts, too! My Little looooves it so much.

Blogger Ashley said...  

ohh man i wish i knew about this!! okay next time there is a meet up..count me in!!!

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