Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So Long..Farewell..Auf Wiedersehen WIC

So if you follow me on twitter you may have seen me talking about my 'second to last day'. For those of you who don't know I have been working for WIC for the last 14 months. WIC stands for Women Infants and Children, and it's a supplemental food program geared towards nutrition and breastfeeding counseling. It's funded by the state and if you live in the US, most likely your state has a WIC program. 

I've learned a lot at my time at WIC, like that people forget that milk is not a meal replacement for their kids, juice is just as good as eating fruit (as long as it's 100%), and Flaming Hot Cheetos are a staple for any good diet. I kid I kid. I really have learned a lot and the knowledge I've gained regarding child development, breastfeeding, and a child's will are invaluable tools for my life.

I will say that while I will not miss stubborn 3-year-olds refusing to let me check their height and weight (seriously, all you have to do is stand there...it's the worst part of your day..standing), I will totally miss the staff and especially the girls at the Tempe clinic. It's a rarity that so many females in such a small work environment not only get along so well, but that there is legitimate bonding present. I will miss hearing the stories of their weekend activities, their families and new exciting chapters in their lives. 

With that said, I am on to a new and exciting chapter in mine! I recently got offered another job with the state! I will be working for the Arizona Department of Education, in the Health and Nutrition department. I'm officially going to be an 'Education Program Specialist' or in simpler terms, I'm going to audit the National School Lunch Program. It kind of sounds...vague, I know, but basically I'll be going to schools all over Arizona and making sure that they are complying with all of the necessary regulations and dietary guidelines to participate in the School Lunch Program.

I'm excited for the opportunity to have some variety, see some new places and meet some new people. Woo hoo! 

So with that, tomorrow I will be saying goodbye to my friends at WIC, and I will truly miss them. Here are some pictures of the Tempe girls hanging out last week at a little farewell dinner. We had some trouble getting the picture going, and as you can tell from the progression of the photos, our smiles got less and less sincere as the process went on....
Of course, our talented photog!

Thanks WIC, it's been real.


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Blogger Diana Smith said...  

Awww it's sad to go but you are onto bigger and better things! I had the same thing happen to me when I had my daughter it was kinda sad to leave my job! Good luck with your new job, hope it goes well!

Blogger Chelseabird said...  

YAY for new chapters in life! I am SO excited for you and wish you the best of luck at your new job Kelsey!

Oh, and I went to school with the Price twins! I can't remember which one is pictured with you, but I know we went to school together!


Blogger Danielle said...  

YAY for this new change! I'm really excited for you. :)

That photo of your "photog" cracks me up! <3

Blogger kels said...  

hello! i'm a new follower... us kelseys gotta stick together. :) love your blog!

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

Congrats Kelsey! Exciting new adventures for you! Jim Bob is funny!!! :)

Blogger Kara said...  

Congratulations! WIC is an amazing program...and it takes a super awesome person to commit themselves to working for kids and the common good. Yay for moving forward!

Blogger Lori said...  

Oh my gosh, Kelsey ~ ok, so I know this wasn't the point of your post... but I'm completely cracking up about your comment that 3 year olds don't hold still to just stand there... Yep, 3 year olds pretty much don't/won't do anything you want them to... ESPECIALLY if it involves being still!! ;) Congrats on the new gig!

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