Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brackie Wedding Events

I know my blogging has been a bit sparse lately...well that's cause I've got lots goin' on! I just started my new job on Monday and it's been awesome! It is a LOT of work and a lot to take in, but I know once I pick things up I will love it. Prior to my new job I had a few days off to help my friends Brandon and Jackie (or Brackie) celebrate their wedding! It was this last Saturday, and while we were scared that the rain was going to ruin the outdoor ceremony, the sun peeked out just long enough to shine on the bride during the vows.

I've included some pictures from the joint bachelor/bachelorette party that we threw and some day of pics as well.
They bride and myself heading to the pool.
Then time to party at Cien Agave
Jackie was posing by the statue, but this guy wanted to step in instead. :)
I am having toooo much fun
Met up with the guys
Check out that JB baby face!
Ivan was having WAY too much fun
...and this awesome pizza that so many people promised to eat, and then left before arrival..

Here's a few wedding day sneak peeks, but unfortunately this is all I can give you until the photographers finish their edits.
This guy is to represent the awesome rehearsal lunch that Hal, Brandon's dad, put on for everyone. It was traditional Chinese cuisine to represent their culture. Mmmm
My love, whilst getting ready
My BEAUTIFUL bridesmaid gift
(Bad pic) My gift was a Plum Pretty Sugar robe! LOVE! I've been dying for one of these since I got married!
All gussied up (and blurry..I can't take a camera phone shot to save my life)
A grainy first dance. :)
Here's an iPhone video of the girls opening their gifts! (uh, again I have no make up on, don't judge.)

As soon as I get my hands on the professional photos, you guys will be the first to see them. Brandon and Jackie used the same photographers that we did (the AWESOME Sloan Photographers) so I know they will be rad.

Keep it real,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...  

Looks like you have been busy! Great photos though!! <3

Anonymous Vanessa said...  

When I was looking on my phone I thought that the pizza box on top of your legs was a PIZZA BLANKET lol But really, you should send me some pizza<3

Blogger Ainsley said...  

omg, i want that pizza...except covered in artichoke hearts!

Anonymous Panda Pez said...  


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