Monday, April 4, 2011

Push Up Bras and Fancy Make Up...That's What Little Girls are Made Of

I've told many of my friends that growing up I didn't like to wear a lot of make up because I felt like it was 'false advertising'. It's the same reason why I never wore push up bras. No seriously! I always thought, 'well if I were a guy I'd be pretty mad if I found out some day that my wife's D-cups are really small B's and her eyebrows don't really exist'... I guess overall I believe in being pretty transparent (with your look and your heart).

So with that said I thought I would be transparent on the Internet (so scary!) and show you my sin-make up look. I still don't feel like I wear very much, I couldn't tell you what a good foundation is or how to pick out cover-up, but I can put it all on in five minutes or less. If all I get on some days is some blush and mascara it's not a bad day, (even though I've taken some liberties to have fun and experiment now that I'm married with a husband that has seen me at my worst).

Here's a before and after look, and I will say that the tungsten lighting of my bathroom added for some gnarly before effects, and the natural lighting of my car really did do wonders (I feel like I should have flipped the locations). I added a little 'what I wore' make up list at the bottom in case you really cared about all of my makeup secrets, ha ha!

What I Wore

Ulta brand base
Smashbox eyeshadow trio, On Stage
(but I only use the dark brown in the creases)
Ulta brand shadow, Bone for lids and arches
Make Up Forever eyeliner Aqua Eyes, L2
Cover Girl mascara Lash Blast Volume, Black

Too Faced Pinch My Petals Rouge

Chapstick brand Strawberry flavored chapstick
(what I have worn since the 7th grade)

This is kind of embarrassing and I don't think I would recommend it, but if I have a blemish that is kind of red, I just blend some of my eye base on it to reduce the redness. Also, the only things that I feel like I spend any money on are the Smashbox eyeshadow, and the Make Up Forever eyeliner. I feel like I could get carried away with buying lots of pretty things, but I limit myself to these two. I've had a lot of people tell me I should try different products, but I'm a creature of habit and I get stuck on things I like easily (I've only ever used one kind of deodorant!) 

So while I'm very stuck in my ways, I would love to hear about your favorite products and tips/tricks for make up. I know that I'd consider myself an amateur when it comes to make up and should probably take advice from those who know better than I! Let's hear it, what do you use?!? Do you feel natural wearing it, or too made up?

Keep it real,


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Anonymous Alex Evjen said...  

I always like hearing people's beauty routines. It takes me between 10-15. I'm definitely one of those people that at least needs a some concealer and some blush before I walk out of the house, but I really enjoy putting makeup on so I usually go the whole nine yards.

Anonymous Liz said...  

You are so pretty, with or without makeup. Srsly.

Blogger Miss M! said...  

On a regular day - tinted moisturizer, nude eyeshadow with a medium brown in the creases, liquid eyeliner, mascara, Benefit eye bright under my eyes, and a little blush. On a special occasion or if I'm feeling fun? Pretty much anything and everything. I have a rainbow of MAC eyeshadows and I just love to play with them!

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

I usually just wear shimmery eyeshadow and mascara but that's only on days I feel inspired to do my makeup! :) You are gorgeous though! I'm super jealous of how pretty you are!

Blogger Katherine said...  

I put a picture up on my blog yesterday of me sans's so scary! You look great though! :)

❤ Katherine

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

You are one of those few beautiful ladies who look stunning with AND without makeup. Lovely.

My mother also bought me push up bras (and control-top panty-hose, lip plumper, self-tanner...) They mean well, but above all else I learned: "femininity" is EXPENSIVE.

Blogger RooFresh said...  

I loved hearing from all of you sweet ladies! I think that 'femininity' is free and that it's just an essence..can't buy essence!

Anonymous Vanessa said...  

Mannn I wish I had your courage! You look great! Me= freaking scary without make up. Or atleast I think. Everytime I go out without makeup someone seems to think that something is wrong and I was cryng or something(my eyes look puffy without makeup) hahaha Love you!<3

Blogger Lori said...  

Have you heard of Pink Papaya?? I started using the product (I signed up as a consultant for the discount)about 7 months ago ~ it's my splurge and I LOVE it!!

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