Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY Statement Necklace

I'm doing this post because I always love chunky statement necklaces, and have been dying for a good one...the problem is, they are SO expensive! I literally made this using craft supplies I had on left over from other projects. I was really excited to find a use for my pretty gingham ribbon!
{Fishing line/wire not shown}
{All supplies available at your local craft store}
{Don't forget a needle that is small enough to fit through your beads}
{After threading your needle and attaching one end of the clasp-which will vary depending on the type you buy-fold the ribbon accordion style and pinch it tightly. Push needle firmly through all layers}
{Continue this process, alternating beads and ribbon until you reach the desired length. Tie off clasp at other end. I use the pliers to pinch a tiny metal rivet into place}
What do you think? This project could literally take you only 10 minutes! Let me know if you try and, and don't forget to send me some pictures so that I can see what fun combination of ribbon and beads you come up with!

Keep it real,

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Anonymous Iz said...  

Cute! Make me one or a couple. :-)

Anonymous Liz said...  

Supa cute!!

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