Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Elder Quest Continued...Carmageddon

Yesterday we went to LA to check out some art exhibits, have lunch and hopefully find Pliny. Well, the day started off well enough, we had breakfast at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles which was awesome, went to the Art in the Streets exhibit and then for some reason after that our day just kind of went downhill. Two of the places we had wanted to try and eat were closed for lunch. So after much wasted time we went to Umami Burger. We love Umami, but that's just it, we had eaten it before and wanted to try something new. After lunch we drove to La Brea where the Tim Burton exhibit was showing. Unfortunately, while the exhibit was really neat and had a lot of original artwork in it, it was $20 a person and only took us 30 minutes to get through it (with TONS of people going through it with us). We were not allowed to take any pictures either which totally bummed me out, but not as much as getting our car towed did....

The funny thing is, when we parked we looked up and down the meter for signage, but it just said 8am-4pm. When we came out after 4:00pm (after less than an hour of being gone) all of the cars on the street were gone..including ours. A $20 cab ride, $110 release fee, $115 tow fee, $158 ticket and 45 minutes later, we had our car back.

We started to just drive back to San Diego feeling a bit defeated, but after 10 minutes of sitting in rush hour traffic we thought it would it be better on our spirits to finish out our plans and get dinner.

After visiting Johnny Cupcakes we ate dinner at The Foundry where we ate the best grilled cheese and potato soup. Food definitely lifted our spirits, but at that point still no Pliny the Elder.

So what have we learned? Always check hours of operation and ask someone nearby if where you're parking is a tow zone. Oh and the term 'Carmageddon', everyone in LA is obsessed with it.

Here are a few pictures from our day. We took a gaggle of pictures at the Art in the Street exhibit which I'll post after we get home, but for now here's a few Instagrams.

Shepard Fairey
Piece outside of the exhibit

Umami Burger (VERY good burger joint if you're in LA)
The Hatch Burger is Ah-maze-ing.
This grilled cheese had short ribs in it and was made with raisin bread. Mmmm.
That is a bacon bread pudding and fried egg in my soup. Very good despite my reservations.

So the quest starts over today. We are heading into the Gaslamp Quarter and hope to salvage some happiness in our little trip. I'll keep you posted.

Keep it real,
Location:San Diego, CA

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Blogger Diana said...  

If I hear the term "carmageddon" one more time, I'm going to kick something! From what I hear, LA isn't too bad, people are making do.

They just did a preview for Unami burger down the street where I live. It's opening next month, can't wait to go!

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