Friday, July 15, 2011

The Quest for Pliny the Elder

So recently I sent Jim a Huffington Post article on the top 50 beers in the world. He of course saw the number one beer and HAD to try it. The problem is, the number one beer on the list is Pliny the Elder, made by Russian River in Santa Rosa, CA and it's not distributed in Arizona. To give you a little background on my husband, he doesn't like beer but if we're in a brewery he'll drink it. He doesn't like wine but if we're at a winery he'll drink it. We make a special trip to the Ghiradelli store when we're in California because it's the best, and we're near it. Of course when he found out that Pliny the Elder is only distributed to a handful of states, we went to California to get it (that's only half true, we were already going to see a concert, but it sounded more dramatic that way).

Now just because we are in a state that distributes Russian River, doesn't mean that it's on every street corner. We already checked out a BevMo here with no luck. We will be staying in San Diego but are currently driving to LA for the day. We're hoping to get lucky (and probably disappointed due to all of the build up) but we are excited either way.

Since we have no photos of the hard to find brew yet, I'll leave you with some pictures of Lucha Libre Taco Shop, the small shop where we ate dinner last night. It's pretty sick (as in good).
My 'Vegy' taco
The Seafood, Mahi Mahi taco
Ron Burgandy says 'trash here'

We'll keep you posted! 

Keep it real,

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Anonymous Vanessa said...  

Awh I wish we were in LA together!!! I miss you :(

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