Monday, July 18, 2011

The Quest for Pliny Wrapped Up

If you've been keeping up with my last few blog posts you would know that Jim and I have been in San Diego eating, touring, getting towed and basically getting taken advantage of financially. Despite the latter we have had fun. We were on the hunt for the Brewer's Association's number one rated beer, Russian River's Pliny the Elder but had no luck. We must have visited fourteen liquor stores and eight or so bars and did not lay eyes on any Russian River brews in San Diego or LA.

I know how anticlimactic this is, but we still found a lot of San Diego specific beers and had fun sampling. We spent a lot of time with our friends Joe and Wendy Marsh, walked around the Gaslamp District, saw Harry Potter and went to a Mat McHugh show at Belly Up Tavern. Overall, good trip.

Yummy Eggs Benedict at La Playa Bistro by Joe and Wendy's
View from their living room
Crazy landscaper defying gravity while trimming the neighbor's bamboo
Playing dress-up in the Gaslamp District
One of our favorite spots in SD and best fish tacos! Oh, and they have mayo-free coleslaw; the only kind I'll eat.

Our second stop at Ghiradelli. Because we can.
Mishka and Mat. McHugh

Hope you all had great, ticket-free weekends!

Keep it real,
Location:All over CA

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