Tuesday, August 2, 2011

why the heck am i so obsessed with Instagram?

If you have a Facebook, Twitter or any other kind of social media account, you probably know what Instagram is or have seen it before and didn't even realize it. I definitely know what it is because...I'm addicted to it. No, really, I'm pretty sure a doctor would legitimately diagnose it as an addiction. Every picture I take will at some point be Instagram-ized, and I actually look for photo opportunities so that I can feed my addiction. I'm going to show you some examples of how bad it is...don't judge, I'm working on things.
This is a giant pizza and my legs. I thought it was funny, so I Instagramed it.
My baby swimsuit and a battery to show a size comparison. Totally unnecessary.
This would be a soda-pop-top. While it looks pretty cool, it totally did not warrant the time I spent trying to get a clear shot of it in the car.
Gummy Bear...King of the castle, totally legit.
I think this one is my favorite! Ha ha! It is so stupid and pointless, but it makes me laugh that at the time, I found it so important to take a picture of it and explain to Instagram-land that 'soggy fries are the best'. (I stand firm to the soggy fry belief.)

I not only take ridiculous photos with Instagram, but it's basically a legal form of stalking. I pathetically scroll through hundreds of pictures a week, trying to make sure that I don't miss any good ones so that I can 'like' or comment on them. It really is sad but I can't help my addiction, it is similar to many other iPhone addictions such as the Twitter, Facebook and Words With Friends apps. I have a permanent claw in place of where my hand once was when my phone is not in it and I've even caught myself being 'that girl' when walking into stores with my phone out and trying to check updates and walk at the same time. 

So now that I've confessed, it's your turn. I want to know if you have an Instagram and if it's just as hard for you. What's your number? Mine's a little embarrassing (316 photos taken in less than six months). Do you have a different addiction other than Instagram? You'll have to tell me to help me feel better about myself!

Keep it real,

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Blogger Danelle Bourgeois said...  

I love Instagram! I only just started using it within the past couple of weeks. So much fun! I went and found a bunch of ladies that post the most adorable photos of their little asian babies. Instant follow! Haha.

Anonymous Vanessa said...  

Hahahaha I have quite the obsession with IG too and I'm horrible when it comes to Twitter. Lawdy.

Blogger Elaine said...  

Don't know about the Instagram addiction, but your steady flow of junk food is amazing for your line of work!

Blogger Michelle said...  

I'm so jealous! Vanny was Instagraming everything on our dates and I've never hated my Droid phone more!

Blogger Chanel said...  

hahaha omg I love that photo of the giant pizza! too cute. Love your blog BTW.

Blogger Anna Zimmerman said...  

It's okay, I'm obsessed too. Honestly, it's one of the reasons I got an iphone. Haha.

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