Thursday, October 6, 2011

Best Around - Windsor

If you're a local around my parts you may have heard of a little spot called Postino. Well if you love wine, cheese, prosciutto or anything of the sort, head that way. Even if you are from my neck of the woods, you may not have heard of what I like to think of Postino's cousin restaurant (parent or sister just didn't sound right to me), Windsor. Postino's founder, Craig DeMarco, has created another crowd pleaser that is not only visually stimulating, but they have really freakin' good food too!

Last weekend Jim and I ventured into the heart of Phoenix and had ourselves some linner (lunch-dinner) at the mid-town newbie.
I could look at the titles all night least they're still good for somethin'!
Fish of the Day (Salmon), that's roasted tomatoes, and basil-almond pesto on top. Delish!
Jim's Curry-rubbed chicken sandwich, with succotash.
...and this is what I said after I ate Jo's Church Potatoes, the best food I've ever put in my mouth. Period.

I have to say that the food and service was pretty great for us that day, it's definitely worth a little detour if you're going into town any time soon. Oh, and don't forget to stop by Churn after dinner; their own little ice cream parlor is joined at the architectural hip to Windsor and YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN ICE CREAM COOKIE SANDWICH. Do I need to say more?

Keep it real,

Ps. All you Gilbert-ites (ites? Idk) if you haven't heard the rumors, there is supposed to be a Postino opening up on Gilbert road right across the street from Liberty. Right now it is scheduled to open in January. Woo hoo! I know we'll be there waiting for the doors to open!

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Blogger TxSizeHull said...  

You haven't steered us wrong yet, we will check this place out soon!!

Blogger Kara said...  

Isn't Windsor deeeeelicious?! The ice cream place attached is amazing also. I love that our little city is getting such fun, independently owned places to eat! Gilbert will see a VERY exciting day when Postino rolls into town :)

Blogger whitney said...  


wish i could pop over there for lunch. but it might be a plane ride away...

happy friday!

Blogger aki! said...  

I feel like I've heard of this place a long, long time ago. Thanks for the reminder!

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