Friday, October 28, 2011

Psst...Have you heard about Jewelmint?

I recently discovered JewelMint, which is unlike any other concept I've participated in first hand. Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter have started a new jewelry line together that has something for everyone! The fun part about JewelMint is that it's pretty much fashion magazine meets boutique meets personal stylist. Okay so it's not quite the same as having a stylist, but once you create a style profile, you do get suggestions of looks that you may like that are tailored to your personal style.
The awesome thing about the jewelry sold on JewelMint is that it's all unique, quality and I haven't seen any that I haven't liked. How does it work? Sign up, take the style quiz and every month you pick out a piece of jewelry for only $29.99. The way I see it, for an equivalent piece at a department store or boutique, you would be paying a lot more. Plus it's just fun to play around on the website!

JewelMint has offered a exclusive discount code for Roofresh readers for 50% off your first month!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may remember this fun bracelet that I wore earlier in the week; it's the 'Savoy' bracelet that I ordered from JewelMint and I LOVE it. If you're interested in the brand use code fall999 at checkout to receive half off your first month of JewelMint. 
I hope you all take a minute to check it out and maybe even find something that fits your personality!

Keep it real,

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Blogger Caroline said...  

Love (!!) that bracelet! I reminds me so much of this necklace that I can't get off my mind... only it isn't $3500 -

Shopping can be fun, but it would be more fun with a trillion billion dollars :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

I love Jewelmint. It's kinda my guilty pleasure. I try to limit myself one order per month, but sometime I break that rule. It's so hard to keep!

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