Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's Been a While

Jim and I have been SUPER busy the last month. I mentioned it before, but Jim was in a high stakes weight loss competition which ended a couple of weeks ago and he came in 3rd place out of 54 people! He lost 37 pounds and I'm so proud of the method he used. I have to admit that we let ourselves get out of hand with our eating over the summer, and with our kitchen being remodeled, eating out was sometimes easier than cooking-in. So for six weeks we ate a pretty consistent diet (or as I like to say 'lifestyle modification') of mostly plant-based, whole food, healthy meals, and exercised 4-5 times a week. We kind of went easy on things this last week or two because we plan on starting a more rigorous vegetarian diet that won't completely exclude meat, but include it sparingly.

*Disclaimer-I have a nutrition degree in Dietetics, therefore I'm constantly refining the foods that we eat and trying new methods of trying to be healthy. We do usually follow what I like to call the '80/20' rule, however, and 20% of the time we allow ourselves to have a little splurge.

As our splurge after our hard-core, six-week competition (which I tried to adhere to even though I wasn't in the competition), we celebrated Jim's victory by partaking in the Phoenix Food Truck Festival. It was SO FUN! It was the first year that the festival took place and it was a huge success! We got to try samples from tons of different trucks, and wash it down with some Four Peaks brews. It was a great way to support local business as well...I think I was in food heaven!

Here are some pictures of us at the festival and some other fun events! (Sorry, these are a bit out-dated, but better late than never!)

Untitled from Kelsey Strothers on Vimeo.
1. Friday night (our splurge night) we started out the weekend by going to Arrogant Butcher, which pleasantly surprised me. We had great food and great service!

2. After dinner we saw the most amazing band in the world at the new Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix. (I apologize for the horrible camera phone quality, but you get the idea.) We've actually seen Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta three times now, and obviously they keep bringing us back. I don't think I've ever had so much fun at a concert; if you get the chance to see them, do. (Ps. Dude playing the Maracas was AWESOME..he made amazing percussive noises with his mouth, feet, you name it!)

3. Got tattooed. 

4. The lovely Mrs. Jacqueline Hong accompanied us to the Phoenix Food Truck Festival.

5. The whole gang (including my skinny hubby) out at the festival.

6. Oh, and bangs happened a couple of days ago. (Blurry)

We didn't get great shots of the actual food or trucks at the festival, ha ha, we got there a little late and between trying to organize which lines to stand in and get iPhones out, not many photos were taken. Just another reason to go next year! Overall this weekend was a blast! I had so much fun and I still have so much more to share with you all. For now I'm peacing-out, but I will hopefully have a little more time this weekend for some house updates!

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Anonymous Vanessa said...  

Awh I really love your tattoo, how is the other one healing??? Better I hope. Love when you update. And girl, I still love that damn bangs on you.<3

Anonymous Liz said...  

Your tattoo is AWESOME.

Blogger BuenoBueno said...  

cute tattoo lady!!!!!

Blogger Katie said...  

I love your tattoo! Super cute. We wanted to go to the food truck festival but didn't make it. Hopefully they do it again! Your blog is adorable!

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