Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is It Fall Yet?

Being from Arizona, I, like many others am somewhat clueless to what fall is really like. It's now October 7th and we've barely gotten into "below 100's weather." I know that fall is supposed to have colors changing, leaves falling, pumpkin picking and bundling up with hot cider or coco; and while we can pick pumpkins at this time of year, I fear that it's just not the same in a pair of shorts and a tank top. So when I think of fall I have a list of items that I can't wait to break out with and enjoy as soon as the thermometer hits the 70's. 

Bulky Scarves/Sweaters

Even though I live in a state where the heat is sweltering, I think I would still wear these until I passed out.

My Steve Madden Boots

I love, love, love my Madden Girl boots! They go with almost anything I can think of and I get more compliments with those than I think any other article of clothing I have. Also, I found mine at DSW for $40 so it makes it that much better every time I slip them on. :)


I will admit that I would use a heavy blanket year-round if my husband would let me. Somehow, when we are in the bed room trying to go to sleep, I always end up searching for my hubby's feet with mine and am sadly disappointed when I find that he's so hot he's not even under the covers. So when it finally gets cool enough out where he lets me use the down comforter or bust out the quilt I am oh so happy. (Not to mention that quilts are so pretty and festive looking!)


Riding your bike or doing any other outdoor activities are pretty much restricted to October-April, May if you're lucky in Arizona. If you're one of those people, you can wake up at 4:00am and go for a hike-but that is NOT me. Ahem, this is my Mr. :)

Coffee, Coco and Cider (Oh My!)

I am fortunate that I can drink coffee all year round because I like it hot or cold (ha ha, I know, it's just coffee). It is really nice though to be able to spice it up and have a wide variety of warm treats to start off the holidays! I like to mix it up with lattes, caramel apple cider, hot coco (maybe some mini mallows if I'm feeling feisty), you name it!


I'm gonna be honest, I would love to say that I go up to our cabin every year for fall, but that doesn't exist. I saw this picture though and to me it wraps up a feeling of fall. This looks like what I want my fall to feel like! 

What makes fall for you? Is there a tradition, clothing, food, people, activities, or maybe just a song that makes you think of fall? 

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Anonymous Shaniqua said...  

The (different)color of leaves, which some you see on the ground. The chill of the air. Hot coffee, instead iced and hot cocoa. Skullies and scarves. Open windows, so the cool air can come through. Especially, running outside. I can list more, but I will probably just go on and on. When I think of "Fall", I think of growing up in MI and hating the fact that summer is over, which only means the cold bitter winter is on it's way. Since I've lived in the desert, I definitely miss the MI Fall.

Blogger Brenna said...  

Kelse- LOVE the site! How original and super cute. Way to go girl. Looking forward to your online store opening. :)

Blogger RooFresh said...  

@Shaniqua, thanks for sharing your fall experience! I've never actually been outside of Az during the fall to experience it!
@Brenna, Thank you so much for reading! I'm so excited for you and your future hubby!

Anonymous Djbates said...  

You really need to make time to come to the Midwest and find out what Fall is all about. Although it got up to 90 degrees today here, so wait a bit before booking your travel to Omaha.

Blogger RooFresh said...  

I do you're right! I need to save up some more PTO first though. :(

Blogger Elaine said...  

Fall: definitely gourds and mini-pumpkins, planning Kelsey's favorite holiday; Thanksgiving, wearing something other than shorts and tanks, closed toed shoes, not sweating, sweatshirts on the morning run, apple pies, hot carmel apple cider from Starbucks with lots o whipped cream, and not sweating.

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

I love this Kelsie...I am always looking for cool ideas on these sites. :) Just made a nursing apron for my daughter-in-law with directions from one. Fall needs to be experienced in the Northeas! The peak for New York state is October 15th, when the leaves are at their most colorful right before turning brown. You must go back is breath taking. The cider mill in our town sold fresh cider and fresh plain donuts. Sounds like you are enjoying married life. Must get some sleep..but anxious for that baby to arrive...And can't wait to see your on-line shopping :) Aunt Laurie

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Thanks for reading Aunt Laurie! I know I wish we had different colors and cooler weather here, Jim and I want to go to New York so bad! We'll probably end up making out way there next year.

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