Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A RooFresh Wedding - Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos

Every bride or couple has a list of priorities starting with the most important (the one you will probably spend the most $$$ on), to the not as important or items you choose to either plan a DIY, skimp on, or go without. Don't get me wrong, some of our DIY stuff was my favorite part of our wedding, but the three things I wasn't trusting to my own hands, or taking lightly were the dress, the food, and photography.  First off, I wouldn't know where to start with making my own dress or having a custom dress made, and I wouldn't even try to make the food or a cake like some amazing brides do, but as far as our photographers go, I wouldn't have accepted anything other than Sloan Photographers

{Family photo taken of them by Amelia Lyon Photography}

We loooove the Sloans, they are a husband and wife photography team and the cutest family in the world! I found them on a vendor's list from Green Wedding Shoes and after looking at their website (and finding out they were in my state at the time), I sent Matt a message about how interested I was in hiring them and told them what my budget was. A few weeks later Jim and I met with Matt, and what was supposed to be a quick consult turned into an hour+ conversation about music, art and everything else under the sun! I think we talked about wedding photography for about, hmmm 15 minutes? 

The Sloans did a great job working with us and getting our needs met, but beyond that built a great relationship with us. I feel that it is so important to build a comfortable relationship all of your vendors but especially your photographers. They're the ones that are going to capture your feelings and if you don't have great feelings towards them too, I think it shows. 

A few weeks after our first meeting we met up again for our engagement session. We had an idea that we would like to go to Phoenix in the art district to take some photos amidst graffiti art. We both love art and it is part of what connects us but Jim especially loves graffiti art. For props we brought our handy dandy clown noses and our classic, black stretch bike. 

We had a few costume changes, but here were some of our AMAZING shots...
{Shirts via Johnny Cupcakes and Hug Life}
{This picture is a little awkward looking, but it was way more entertaining than the other one in front of this backdrop!}

That's pretty much it. Then we went to Cibo (a whole 'nother blog post) with Matt and had yummy antipasti and pizza! 

Bottom line, your photographer is going to make all of your planning last forever. I totally miss our big day all of the time, but I'm so glad that we invested in our photos and we now have rad pictures that I can always look back on!


(Part II of the Sloan's will be on a later post with all the best day-of shots.)

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Blogger Chels said...  

Hey! My dad (Joe) told me about your blog cause I blog too. I LOVE the engagement photos (the Sloan's are some of my favs) and now im craving cupcakes...

It's good to see you guys are doing well!


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