Friday, November 12, 2010

DIY Holiday Bunting

My current DIY is based off of a cute little design brought to you by Cori Kindred and her cute little sign which I found via Little Ocean Annie's blog. 
I immediately fell in love with the bunting (of course) and the concept of using the picture frame for this alternate decor. I had so many empty frames lying around that my mom gave me-which I have had every intention on filling with engagement/wedding pictures-but this project was so much fun! The best part was, other than some string and glue, everything that made this up was recycled!

Here are the step by step instructions kept simple...

Old frame
Scrap material
Paper of your choice
Fabric glue/tac
Stamps or decorative pen
Additional desired embellishments

 Start by ironing out your material so that is has no wrinkles or creases in it. It will look much nicer if it is smoother.
Cut out a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than the frame that you are going to put it in. It doesn't need to be perfect, and the material around it will add to its size as well.
Using fabric glue, fold the edges of the fabric so that it is wrapped neatly onto the back side of the cardboard.
After you are done, your cardboard will look something like this...
Next, I added the bunting using random paper scraps that I have saved for an occasion such as this. :) I made a sample one first, and then lined it up and cut the other ones accordingly. For fun I made different colored paper different sizes. 
After cutting the bunting I arranged them so that they looked cute to me, and chose an order of colors that looked nice. After doing so I used my stamp kit to stamp a letter onto each one-make sure that your bunting is big enough for the stamp sizes that you are using. 
Finally I used the fabric glue to glue on some string and attach the bunting, then chose my additional embellishments. One of my additions was some matching lace edging made by my lace paper punch.
...And the final product, a be-u-ti-ful handmade decoration for the holidays! 
Best part is, I just pushed my cardboard into the back of the frame, and I can easily remove it and swap it for a different holiday theme later in the year if I want!

Keep it real,


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Blogger Little Ocean Annie said...  

It looks so great!! This was one of my favorite pictures I snapped, definitely an inspiration to make my own.

Anonymous cori said...  

so cute :) yay bunting!!

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Thanks ladies! I had fun doing it and it's a great idea!

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