Monday, November 15, 2010

Sedona Images

These are some interesting shots {via iPhone} of our recent trip to Sedona, AZ. There were so many different forms of artwork there, and trust me, if I made the money some of it would have come home with us. A few of these are just us being goofy...well, ourselves. I hope you enjoy!

Starting out. I'm not sure why but all of my Hipsta-pics kept turning out blurry...So what did I do? Kept taking them...
Really rad amphitheater that isn't being used..what a shame.
Hipsta JB on the stage
Cutest nephew in the world. All that matters is "Me-ma," "choo-choo," and "truckies"
Me and dad
THE coolest clock ever. I would have loved to take it home but alas no funds or room. It would make a pretty gnarly tattoo though.
Hand-blown glass chandelier; each individual piece made and hung separately.
...And in color
Jim hugging a bear.
Don't worry, I didn't really kiss this guy.
Fall Fountain
..And of course, the pig.

Hope you enjoyed the randomness. 

Always more to come.


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Blogger Elaine said...  

I don't get the pig of course... I thought it was a pigsta.

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