Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby Sprinkle

Something I did not realize until this year is that after you have one baby, apparently you're not supposed to get a second shower...WHAT?!? That's totally not fair and really sucks if your second baby is a different sex than the first, because you really have to buy everything all over again. I stumbled upon this post from Kelli Murray a while back and decided that a baby "sprinkle" would be a perfect idea for my currently preggo sis-in-law Mari. 

I had so much fun planning little details and I think that having a more laid-back feel than a baby shower was just what she needed anyway. We had mini cupcakes, fruit, and light appetizer feeling snacks to make everything feel a bit casual. We didn't play games, just had a small, intimate crowd who gave Mari advice and shared memories with her. 

Here is my little post-card style invite that I designed and sent out. (Or at least a version of it)
I created this by using clip art from my fave PuglyPixel.

Again, for this craft I used clip art from as the background medallion and found the heart-shaped font on there as well. I'll admit that I cut every one of those by hand and I was getting finger cramps towards the end!
And if you know me, it's just not a party without cupcakes...but these were mini because it was a "mini shower."
Due to my lack of cake stands, I improvised and we used stacks of books with doilies..sigh, I love doilies.
Now this little activity was special to me because there's a story behind it. 

Right after we got married my mom gave us a big box that had all of my stuff from my childhood in it. It had baby clothes, homework assignments, report cards, projects; you name it, it was in there. I stumbled across a little letter hidden in the piles of paper. It was a letter written to me on the day that I was born from my grandparents. It had my birth date at the top and they explained in the letter how they had prayed for me and were excited that I was now here! I was so touched by this, and really more impressed that my mom had hung on to it and that I actually got to read it as a grown women. 

That was special.

In efforts to create a special memento for the soon to be Zoe Mae, I put out a "Happy Thoughts for Zoe Mae" station. I had little pieces of girly scrapbook paper punched into the shape of flowers and pens with a little box to drop the finished product in. People dated it and put happy little pieces of advise and what they were feeling as they anticipated her arrival on the back of the papers for us to give to Mari and eventually Zoe. 
Here is the lovely soon to be mother (again), Mari Norton
..And my sweet little nephew gettin' down on some cupcake action
Our beautiful friend, Julia Hull
I was trying to get a nice shot of my sweet little grandma, but check out my sister's face in the background. Ha ha!
Oh my gosh, how adorable is this picture? Nathan, Julia's son, was being so well behaved in the next room, so I snuck over to take a quick pic. Doesn't he make your heart melt?
Wrapping up at the end of the party here. It was a nice day of talking and hopefully relaxing for Mari. I love my sister-in-law and I hope that she felt showered upon, even though it was just a sprinkle. :)

Keep it real,


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Anonymous Liz said...  

Awhhhh you did such a good job everything looks magical!

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Thanks Liz! It was fun to plan.

Blogger Ashley said...  

oh, wow! I love the improvising with the books and doilies. Every detail came together. :)

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Thanks Ashley! Yeah, not too bad for a last minute addition, I was happy with it. ;)

Blogger TxSizeHull said...  

LOVE the closeup picture of the cupcakes on the books. That is a rockin picture, nice job! Oh and the kid is cute to!

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