Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion Cambio - {Busy Bee Lauren}

Fashion Cambio is BACK! I took a few weeks off for the holidays, but I'm really excited to show you what I've been cookin' up!

First up in the Blogger Fashion Cambio is Lauren of Busy Bee Lauren. Lauren is from right here in AZ and has a fantastic blog that you should check out here.
(I have to warn you that we got a little artsy with the next few sets of photos. What can I say, Jim is just getting to be a better photographer.)
I like to call this one, "Senior Portrait" by Jim.

{Dress} Romy, last summer
{Sweater} Forever 21 five or so years ago
{Leggings} Forever 21
{Boots} my trusty Steve Madden Girls from DSW

So I was going to wear a cute little hat like Lauren's, but after taking just a few pictures in it I wasn't feeling it. It looks great on, not so much. Meh. 

I worked on taking aspects of her outfit, mostly the colors and floral print to put something together that reflected her style. I love this quote from her post on this outfit, I 100% agree with it and it's probably why I was drawn to choosing this outfit:

"i am a rebel. i do not care about the "don't wear black with brown" rule. i think it's stupid. so here i am fully embracing it. i think breaking rules is important. i mean, who made these rules anyway? i think you should wear what makes you feel pretty, and awesome."

Lauren is awesome. 


Are you not jealous of her hair!?!

1. If your house was on fire and you only had time to grab one item from your closet, your favorite "I can't live without it" item, what would it be?

Oh gosh, this is a super tough one! But I think I would have to go with my vintage maxi dress. It's definitely a dress I don't wear anything else with, including jewelry because it is just too much of a stunner to have other items competing with it. I am so thankful I found it at a vintage thrift store in Tucson! I have had a few people offer to buy it off me, but I have to graciously decline. 

2. Briefly describe one outfit that makes you feel the most confident and why.

I feel most confident in a great vintage dress, a fun pair of shoes, and messy waved hair. Sometimes I like to even throw a blazer in the mix, to add some contrast. I think embracing feminineness is empowering. 

3. Boots, pumps, flats, or flips?

Gah! I can't decide! I really do love me some boots with skinny jeans, but vintage pumps are probably my absolute favorite

Lauren and I have something in common, we both love the Sloans! This is their handy work (the same photographers that did our wedding/engagement shoot), and this is Lauren in her fantastic maxi dress.

Well I had a lot of fun with this post. If you enjoyed meeting Lauren or even seeing other Fashion Cambio's, please, speak up and let me know!

Keep it real,


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Blogger RooFresh said...  

FYI I know that my post says "recreation" not "fashion cambio" I will be fixing it when I get home from work. :(

Blogger Emily said...  

Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog after seeing you featured on Ruffled--you had a post about making flower holders using the burlap and lace--I loved that idea, by the way, and have even made some of my own! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy checking up on your blog--I love the fashion cambio and all the posts about you and your husband! Keep them comin!

Anonymous Liz said...  

I love this feature!! Great job, Roo :)

Blogger Pia said...  

I love this! Such a great idea for posts!

And yes, I am totally jealous of Lauren's hair. (And of your boots by the way.))

Blogger Kacie said...  

ahhh :) lauren is a doll and so are you!

Anonymous Alyssa said...  

oh so cute!

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