Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Festive Pom Tutorial

Recently I did a post on the bridal shower I threw for my friend Jackie. In order to get my walls un-boring, I made some poms that went along with the colors from their engagement shoot. I promised a tutorial of how I made these, so here we go.

Tissue paper in your color of choice
Fishing wire
Bone folder
Cutting mat (not necessary, but can help with measuring)
1. Prep your tissue paper by cutting it into even squares. I did 8 x 8 squares but that is a little small, you might want to start with something a bit bigger. (The smaller the pom, the harder it gets to separate the tissue layers).
2. Fold the paper accordion style back and forth in about 1" strips. If it doesn't line up perfectly that's okay, don't freak out it will still look good.
3. Tie the middle of the folded tissue paper with the fishing wire. Don't tie too tight, if you do it will be harder to separate the pages and they will tear more easily.
4. Cut the ends of the tissue paper so that they are rounded. You can also cut straight, arrow edges if you want pointed ends. It may be hard to cut if it is thick, holding the paper very tight as you cut will help it to cut more accurately. 
5. Spread the layers of the paper CAREFULLY. It's very easy to rip the delicate petals, but if you do just keep going because it's easy to fluff up around it and save the pom. Tip: start at the top and instead of pulling on each piece, push it away from the other layers down to the bottom.
6. Continue separating the pieces until the whole pom is fully separated. You might need to work with it a bit when you are done to spruce it up and beautify it. 
Do you feel like this helped? Let me know if you make any poms, and take pictures! I want to see!

Keep it real,


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Blogger ilene @ muchloveilly said...  

ill need to try this! i'd love to make these for my studio space. perfect for spring! if i try it, i'll link you up!

Blogger Little Tree Vintage said...  

aw cute idea!

Blogger Courtney said...  

I'm from san antonio texas and we have fiesta coming up soon, this would be really fun decorations to try!!

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Thanks guys! Courtney, please do! And take pictures to send to me!

Blogger Cole said...  

Adorable! I really want to try this now. Lovely blog. I'll be meeting you Saturday! :)

Blogger flyabuv said...  

Wow, I'm glad you posted this, I need to make these on Sunday morning for my daughters 1st birthday party. I am planning on making even bigger ones!

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