Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Things My Mother Left Me {Home Decor Obsession}

As you've probably noticed I love looking for inspiration photos, but not just for fashion, I love looking for inspiration for jewelry, art, photography, home decor, and crafts. I will admit that I have spent HOURS looking on Design Sponge at before and after photos and home decor. I'm really starting to feel like my mother some days as I remember her big basket of Better Homes and Gardens, and Country Living magazines compared to my online blog roll of Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy, and The Nest.

So this post is another tribute to my living mother's love for home decor. It is something that she passed along to me and I happen to love as well. I've posted a series of inspiration photos of rooms that I like...I know it's a little pathetic, but I pretty much found what I want every room of our house to look like...
(Another great use for tissue paper poms!)
{All photos via Design Sponge}

Keep it real,


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Blogger ilene @ muchloveilly said...  

so inspiring! love that yellow tub!!!

Blogger Little Tree Vintage said...  

i love all of this!!

Blogger aki! said...  

I love the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom photos. I think I might just like the part where these places are clean, unlike in my apartment.

I also passed on a Stylish Blogger award to you. =)

Blogger Pia said...  

Pretty photos! Sigh, I wish I could live in a beautifully decorated apartment like this one day.

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